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Bandai: Chibi Masters - Harry Potter (Hermione Granger) Figurine

by Bandai
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This Harry Potter doll set from Bandai's Chibi Masters is inspired by the Harry Potter wizarding world from the well loved book and film series. In this world, wizards and witches seclude themselves from their non-magical, or muggle, equivalents. All is not well however, as the dark wizard Voldemort returns to power and tries time and again to take over the wizarding world and kill Harry Potter. Hermione Granger is one of Harry's closest friends and joins him in many of his adventures throughout school. It is often up to Hermione to come up with a magical solution to problems as she is the most academically gifted of the trio.

Each of these mini Harry Potter figures are 8cm tall and made of high quality materials to make them last as you play or decorate with them as you like. The collectable models come in a themed box with a transparent front window to clearly display your Harry Potter minifigures. This Chibi Masters Harry Potter dolls sets contains a number of the most famous characters from the series for you to collect.
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