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Beyblade Burst Quadstrike - Beystadium

by Hasbro
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UNLEASH THE ENERGY OF QUADSTRIKE: Beyblade Burst QuadStrike takes Beyblade battling to the next level! This Beystadium is specially designed to optimise the performance of QuadStrike with steeper walls and curves to direct tops towards the centre of the arena!

CUSTOMISE THE CLASH WITH QUADSTRIKE TOPS: QuadStrike tops feature upgraded Armor Tips to take 4-in-1 customisation to the next level! (Tops and launchers sold separately, subject to availability)

STRIKE TOWARDS VICTORY: build the best configuration for battle and harness the power of upgraded QuadStrike tops in the QuadStrike Beystadium!

COMPETE IN DIGITAL BATTLES: scan the code on the QuadStrike Beystadium to take the battle to the next level! Compete in the Beyblade Burst app to unleash your top in a virtual battle with other Bladers worldwide!

LET IT RIP: launch into head-to-head battles with Beyblade Burst Beystadiums, launchers and spinning tops as you journey towards Beymastery!

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