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Cobi - Historical Collection - CONCORDE

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The Concorde is a turbojet supersonic airliner. It was a product of the idea of ​​supersonic transport implemented by companies from France and Great Britain operating in concert. It first flew in 1969. Seven years later, he was inducted into a 27-year service.
He flew mostly transatlantic routes. From London Heathrow (British Airways) and Paris Charles de Gaulle (Air France) to JFK airports in New York and Dulles in Washington. It achieved record speeds, and the flight lasted half the time compared to traditional airplanes. Due to high production costs and expensive operation, only 20 units were produced. Concorde's last flight was on November 26, 2003.

The model made of COBI construction blocks shows the Concorde G-BBDG supersonic airliner. It was a test model in the colors of British Airways. For several years, he had test flights, never entered service. With time, it began to be used as a spare parts base for regularly flying machines. Since 2003, the plane has been on display at the Brooklands Museum (Weybridge).
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