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Cobi - Historical Trains - Steam Locomotive DRB 52 (1,723 Pieces)

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Kit of the famous German steam locomotive DRB series 52. Thanks to the 2in1 system it is possible to choose between a version with German WWII marking or the marking of the Polish State Railways. The versions differ not only in numbering, colour accessories, but also in the type of head and tail lamps. Thanks to the removable roof it is possible to see into the equipped engine room. A nice detail are the parts imitating the fire in the locomotive's firebox. The wheels of the model are coupled and contain several gears. Everything moves when the train is moving. Also included are five segments of realistic-looking track with sleepers in wooden decoration with a total length of 65 cm. The track segments have holes for eventual mounting to the base of the railway diorama. Also included is a figure of a German and a Polish train driver with the emblem of the Polish Railways. The model is fully compatible with the track system of other kits and handles the R88 curvature.
  • The first locomotive of the 52 series with the number 52.001 was completed by the German company Borsig on 12 September 1942.
  • Immediately after completion, the eight-car train set off on a 5000 km test run through the occupied territories of Europe.
  • The designers of the locomotive sought to significantly simplify the design suitable for rapid production, and so the steam locomotive consisted of about 5,000 components, 1,000 fewer than the previous Series 50 model.
  • The machine was primarily intended for the war logistics of the German Reich Railways and was produced in large numbers in many European factories such as Henschel, Schwartzkopp, Ciegelski, and also Škoda Plzeň.
  • Series 52 locomotives were popular in Czechoslovakia. Here they also gained the nickname "němka".
  • A great advantage was the closed cab, which meant greater comfort for the operator, especially in winter.
  • Interesting was the technical design of the attached tender, which allowed full speed reverse.
  • With the advent of diesel locomotives, the 52 series gradually became obsolete and the last one was produced in 1950.
  • The locomotives remained in service the longest, until the 1980s, in Turkey on the older lines around Izmir.
  • The exact number of units produced is unknown. According to surviving records, approximately 6,285 were produced.
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