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Cobi - World War II - KV2 - 510 pcs

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This is the KV-2 Soviet heavy tank from World War II. It was designed and put into production from 1939-1941. The name "KV" is an abbreviation of "Kliment Voroshilov," the surname of a Soviet military commander. The tank's crew consisted of 6 soldiers. The vehicle was plagued by frequent breakdowns and was very heavy and slow. However, these shortcomings were made up for by the powerful 152mm gun, which was able to destroy any enemy tank, regardless of the thickness of its armor. The KV-2 was also heavily armored. In fact, only a direct hit from the 8.8 cm Flak anti-aircraft gun could destroy it!

The block model of the Soviet heavy tank was designed in the scale of 1:48 using 510 elements. The blocks have high-quality prints showing vehicle details and markings. The KV-2 tank also has rotating wheels and tracks. The turret and tank gun are also movable. This COBI construction block model is the perfect purchase for any fan of history, military technology or any fan of block modeling! Perfect for both fun and serious collecting! The KV-2 adds to the ever-expanding collection of World War II tanks released in a compact 1:48 scale. Build history, piece by piece, with COBI!
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