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Dark Souls™: The Board Game (Tomb of Giants)

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  • Deep below the Catacombs dwells an ancient evil: Gravelord Nito, bearer of a Lord Soul.
  • Confront this iconic boss and his skeletal horde with DARK SOULS: The Board Game, Tomb of Giants, featuring new foes, player characters, treasures, event cards, objective cards, and more!
  • Tomb of Giants gives you an evocative new area to explore from the original DARK SOULS video game, in a standalone core set containing everything needed for thrilling campaigns in Lordran. No other purchase is necessary.
  • It’s also backwards compatible with existing DARK SOULS: The Board Game products, so you’re free to combine monsters from different areas for expanded campaigns.
  • A criticism often levelled at dungeon crawl games is that they can be grindy and repetitive, but Tomb of Giants’ new-and-improved ruleset incorporates community feedback and suggestions to create a streamlined campaign system, with brand new events and objectives to keep every encounter exciting and unpredictable.
  • Do you dare venture into the deep, dark places of Lordran and confront the terrifying undead?