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Dark Souls: RPG Mini Wave 1 No 3 - Hollow Crossbowmen Figure Board Game

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Confront chaotic Hollow Crossbowmen with this DARK SOULS miniatures box! Although the iron bolts of their crossbows have long-since rusted, these Hollow Crossbowmen are not to be taken lightly. What they lack in wit, they make up for in ruthless efficiency. Bring your next roleplaying session to life — or death — with the Hollow Crossbowmen miniature box, created for DARK SOULS: The Roleplaying Game.
  • 4 Hollow Crossbowmen (30mm base).
  • 5e-compatible (Compatible with any tabletop roleplaying game).
  • Engage with the DARK SOULS combat system in full.
  • Paint your minis to recreate the DARK SOULS universe on your tabletop.
  • Character sheets available via the Steamforged Games website.
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