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Epic Encounter RPG set : Barrow of the Corpse Crawler

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Take your roleplaying group on a terrifying subterranean adventure with Barrow of the Corpse Crawler. Part of the Epic Encounters range, this boss box contains all the ingredients for a titanic clash beneath the earth. (Including a highly detailed Corpse Crawler miniature on a 100mm base!) Compatible with fifth edition or any fantasy roleplaying game, Barrow of the Corpse Crawler pits you against a flesh-eating worm of dizzying size. Glutton for punishment? Pair this encounter with Hive of the Ghoul-kin for a truly epic experience! Many of our dearly departed end up as unwitting snacks for Corpse Crawlers; the burrowing worms that bore through the ground below. Most are fairly harmless to the living, but in times of strife and war, these abominations grow to tremendous size, fattening themselves on the abundance of bodies. Large specimens can even send tremors to the surface as they move. It’s said the Corpse Crawler plaguing nearby villages has flattened buildings with its prodigious bulk. Can you overcome this gluttonous abomination, or will you end up as worm food?
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