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First4Figures - Dark Souls (Siegmeyer Of Catarina) RESIN SD Figurine

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First 4 Figures proudly presents, from the legendary Dark Souls, the Siegmeyer of Catarina SD statue. This statue expands the hugely popular F4F Dark Souls SD line. Siegmeyer is a loveable, slightly awkward Knight of Catarina whom the player meets (and possibly befriends) in the kingdom of Lordran.

For this statue, Siegmeyer is superbly recreated in resin with the finest details. The signature Catarina armor is authentic to what any player of Dark Souls would expect. Additional details, such as dirt, scratches, and dents, give this statue a worn-in feel appropriate to the lore ofDark Souls. The base is inspired by Sen’s Fortress, an important location in the game where players can first meet Siegmeyer.
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