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Hexbug Junkbots - Metro Sewer System

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Unbox the all-new JUNKBOTS Large Factory Habitat - Metro Sewer System! With over 285 pieces, experience the ultimate unboxing with 15 stages of fun! Now you can play the locations from the game and the series in real life. Deconstruct the mysterious urban sewer system's pipes to make a secret build or create your own design! You're on a mission to investigate every nook and cranny to find the 3 JUNKBOTS hidden in your habitat. There are 16 all-new JUNKBOTS to collect. With power modules for light and motion, have fun plugging in to a whole new experience! Bring the habitat and your JUNKBOTS together to show off your complete collection, 60 JUNKBOTS in all! With an interlocking pipe-building system, you can pull pipes directly off the wall to deconstruct and reconstruct for alternate builds!
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