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Jurassic World - Massive Action Ampelosaurus

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  • Jurassic World Dominion brings new thrills to dinosaur lovers. The super aggressive Ampelosaurus has a cool silhouette and is introduced in the movie!
  • Enjoy dramatic dinosaur action play with this Massive Action figure with authentic sculpting and realistic colours and textures. It's ready to star in a ferocious display, too.
  • Press the button on top for dramatic CHOMP action. Use the tail to control the attacking NECK MOTION.
  • See dinosaur play get REAL! Find the hidden DNA code and scan it with any smart device to initiate Augmented Reality options in the free Jurassic World Facts app (Android & iOS). Smart device not included.
  • AR lets kids study the dinosaur in the lab with fun visual learning and explore different modes, like thermal and x-ray! Then, take it to the next level and bring dinosaurs into our world through AR -- make the dinosaur appear in any room. RUN!
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