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Jurassic World - Massive Action Siamosaurus

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  • Jurassic World Dominion brings new thrills and adventure to dinosaur lovers. This aggressive Siamosaurus is a large carnivorous figure inspired by the movie.
  • Enjoy dramatic dinosaur action play with this Massive Action Siamosaurus figure with extended range of motion, authentic sculpting and realistic colours and textures. It's ready to star in a ferocious display, too.
  • Press the button on top for frightening CHOMPING action with a wide-opening jaw. Then twist the tail for dynamic neck thrashing attack motion. Do both at the same time for added drama!
  • See dinosaur play get REAL! Find the hidden DNA code and scan it with any smart device to initiate Augmented Reality options in the free Jurassic World Facts app. Smart device not included.
  • AR lets kids study the dinosaur in the lab with fun visual learning and explore different modes, like thermal and x-ray! Then, take it to the next level and bring dinosaurs into our world through AR -- make the dinosaur appear in any room. RUN!
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