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Marvel Villainous - Venom Expansion Board Game

by Hasbro
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Can you overcome your opponents as the sentient alien symbiote, Venom? In this single character expansion designed by Mike Mulvihill, you’ll need to merge with Spider-Man to win. His allies, the other symbiotes will assist in this goal, but look out as heroes like Black Cat, Scarlet Spider, and Mary Jane Parker will try to stand in your way. This expansion requires another Marvel Villainous product to play.
  • We Are Venom is an expansion pack of the popular Marvel Villainous strategy board game series & requires a base game to play.
  • Players take the role of Venom, a hungry and murderous alien symbiote. To win as Venom, players must bond Spider-Man with the symbiote by overwhelming him with a number of symbiote tokens greater than his Strength. Allies like the symbiotes Agony, Lasher, Scream, Phage, and Riot help Venom achieve his goal while heroes like Black Cat, Scarlet Spider, and Silver Sable get in his way.
  • Included content - 1x Villain Mover, 1x Domain, 30x Villain Cards, 12x Fate Cards, 20x Tokens, 1x Reference Card, 1x Villain Guide.
  • Whether you're playing with a group of friends, classic board gamers, or your family, this strategy board game is perfect for any game night and makes a great gift or present for Marvel fans!
  • Easy to understand instructions - Each of the villains has their own guide, and these guides will inspire you with strategies and tips for crafting the most successful plan to win!