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Resident Evil 3: City of Ruin Board Game Expansion

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  •  As consciousness returns and you blink shadows from your eyes, all you can hear is the ringing in your ears.
  • At first, you think it might be from the bells, as you recall racing through the Clock Tower in search of gears to sound the great bell.
  • Then the blood drains from your face as the memories begin to surface.
  • You thought you’d escaped Raccoon City. But it isn’t over yet.
  • Continue your desperate escape with 11 hours of new game play, nine gripping new scenarios, three terrifying new enemy types, and two large-and-lethal bosses.
  • This expansion will drastically change the course of your Resident Evil 3: The Board Game campaign, taking you beyond the built-up city streets to brand new locations plagued by new enemies.
  • Prepare to face the grotesque Sliding Worms, deadly Hunter β, and bizarre Hunter γ.
  • But new enemies aren’t your only threat. To move forward, you must adapt to new game play mechanics introduced by the changed environment.
  • Creep silently through the City Hospital. Wade through flood water in the City Park. And siphon severely limited electrical power to make your way through the Dead Factory.
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