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Rubik's Cube - FC Barcelona

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FC BARCELONA THEME - The 3-D combination puzzle now comes in your favourite football club design. Featuring the clubs official colours, purple and blue, the Rubik's Cube will fascinate you for hours on end.

THOUSANDS OF COMBINATIONS - There are thousands of combinations, but there is only one solution. Turn and turn until you solve the puzzle.

STICKERLESS - If anyone ever tells you they solved the Rubik's Cube by picking the stickers off - hand them one of these. The traditional stickers have been replaced with plastic, which means no fading, peeling or cheating!

TURN, TWIST & REPEAT - The Rubik's Cube features six different sides, each made up of nine squares. Once the faces are scrambled up, you are going to need to twist, turn and rotate the Rubik's Cube until you restore the 6 pictures of your favourite football club.

THE ORIGINAL RUBIK'S CUBE - A combination of mathematics, art and science - the iconic Rubik's Cube challenges your mind and problem-solving skills. The classic 3x3 Rubik's Cube is the world's best-known addictive puzzle and has fascinated fans since its launch in 1980. A true icon.
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