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Simbrix Maker Studio

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Get your brix fix with Simbrix! Create and customise your very own pixel art. Simbrix is a unique building system which allows you to connect, create and play one brix at a time! Simbrix are totally mess free, they do not require any ironing, gluing or water. Simply interlock Simbrix to construct amazing 2D and 3D designs. Simbrix are reusable - rebuild time and time again for endless creative play.

Create unique colourful designs with the all in one Simbrix Maker Studio. The Maker Studio features one tray with sorting compartments for 4000 Simbrix. Includes 16 colours of Simbrix and 30 Simstix. The easy to unclip lid also doubles as a build platform. Or come up with your very own creations! With the Simbrix Studio the possibilities are endless! The carry handle also means you can easily transport your Simbrix carry case meaning you can take it with you and create Simbrix designs wherever you go!
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