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Skylanders Battlecast 22 Card Battle Pack A Card Game

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  • Pack includes 22 cards in pack, 1 trading card shield, guide.
  • BRING YOUR SKYLANDERS CARDS TO LIFE! Begin your quest to become the ultimate Battlecast. Collect Skylanders. Battlecast cards, build a legendary team and bring them to life in epic online battles! Download and play the FREE mobile game! Start your adventure with the Skylanders® Battlecast 22-Card Battle Pack, featuring Spyro, Snap Shot and Stormblade.
  • Collect all 270 Character, Spell, Gear and Relic cards.
  • Choose three Skylanders to take into battle and devise unique strategies with killer combos.
  • Cast powerful Spell cards to smite foes on the field of battle, equip Gear cards to boost your Skylanders, and change the rules of the game with mysterious Relic cards.
  • Battle Pack includes: 22 Cards, 1 Deck Box, 1 Trading Shield and 1 Collection & Beginner's Guide.
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