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Spiderman & His Amazing Friends - Green Goblin Figure

by Hasbro
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The Goblin is the greatest mischievous and an incurable joker. When he plans with his glider, Spiderman and his friends must be careful! The Spider Man comes! Spider Man and his fantastic Marvel friends are inspired by the adventures of this fantastic superhero and his heroic friends! Spider Man, Spider Woman and Miles Morales have the powers of the super-spider: super-senses, super-strength, climb his walls and many more! Each of them has a unique feature that they use to fight criminals, making them even stronger when they work together creating a fantastic Spider Team! 
But, sometimes, even the best team needs help: this is the perfect time to have allies like Ms. Marvel, Black Panther and also Hulk! It's hard to be a super-hero, but it helps have such great friends! Stop the bad guys and climb the walls, the Spider Man team can do everything!