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Steamforged Games - Cats & Catacombs Volume 2 RPG Figures

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The Animal Adventures Tales of Cats and Catacombs Volume 2 is a series of miniatures that bring feline adventurers to any tabletop gaming campaign. Sonya, the self-assured Main Coone fighter brings a band of scoundrels on a search for treasure and glory. The Tales of Cats and Catacombs is fully supported by a 5e compatible rules set available from Steamforged Games.

  • These high-quality miniatures are constructed using plastic for optimal durability.
  • They come in a high-quality grey finish that looks eye-catching.
  • Animal Adventures brings intelligent animal characters to your favorite fantasy roleplaying game!
  • Five unique new survivor characters, advanced versions of two characters from the core game, new weapons, bizarre new enemies.
  • The miniatures also make perfect companions and familiars for your existing characters in any fantasy setting or game!