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Tamagotchi - One Piece (Merry Go)

by Bandai
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  • CHOPPERTCHI :Raise and nurture the adorable Dr. Chopper with this mini Tamagotchi. Look after Chopper's needs and play electronic games with him as he evolves into 21 different forms. The Going Merry Version is based on the prow of the Going Merry ship sailed by the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • TONY TONY CHOPPER :Tony Tony Chopper, mostly known as just Chopper, is a reindeer that ate the Human-Human fruit gaining a number of anthropomorphic forms as well as increased intelligence. His dream is to become the greatest doctor ever, to be able to heal any ailment.
  • NURTURE HIM :Make sure to look after your cyber pet by keeping his hungry and happy meters full. Feed your digital pet Chopper meat to fill up his hungry meter and cotton candy to fill his happy meter.
  • PLAY GAMES :Similar to the Tamagotchi Original, you can play mini games with your One Piece electronic pet. There are 2 games to play, Scope and Cotton Candy Catch, which games you play and how well you do determines the form that your avatar will take.
  • DAILY EVENTS :Chopper is famous for being shy and he will hide from you at times, coax him out before he gets lonely. If you leave your Tamagotchi pet too long, the Marines will come to arrest him for his bounty!
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