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Tamagotchi - Original Milk & Cookies

by Bandai
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ORIGINAL TAMAGOTCHI | The Tamagotchi Original has been delighting fans of electronic pets since the 90s, with a wide variety of designs making it easy to collect a diverse array of these adults and kids toys.

CARE FOR THEM | Look after your digital pet by feeding them food and snacks, playing electronic games with them, cleaning up after them, making sure the lights are on or off, giving them medicine when they are sick, and even disciplining them when they are naughty.

DIFFERENT CHARACTERS | Tamagotchis make great gifts for girls and boys with lots of replayability as each time you play, your virtual pet has the opportunity to turn into different adult forms depending on how well you look after it.

TAKE THEM WITH YOU | Each of these Tamagotchi 90s toys comes with a handy chain that allows you to attach your electronic pet to a keychain or bag. Take them wherever you go to keep looking after them while on the move.

MAKE A COLLECTION | Why stop at the highly collectible Tamagotchi Milk and Cookies shell? Bandai has many different designs for the Tamagotchi Original as well as the Tamagotchi Pix and Tamagotchi Nano, how many can you collect and keep happy at once?

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