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Tamagotchi - Star Wars (Grogu Blue)

by Bandai
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  • GROGU TAMAGOTCHI | Enjoy all of the fun of the Tamagotchi original 90s toys with this 4cm, mini Tamagotchi Grogu toy in its Blue Version. Take on the role of Din Djarin to raise and look after this Star Wars Baby Yoda cyber pet inspired by the hit TV series The Mandalorian.
  • THE CHILD | The Grogu Tamagotchi toy lets you carry a version of The Child around with you as your digital pet. As you spend time with these interactive toys, Grogu will change into one of 12 different forms to reflect different parts of The Mandalorian TV show.
  • KEEP HIM HAPPY | Keep your Star Wars Tamagotchi pet content by filling Grogu's hungry and happy meters. Feed your electronic pet squid chowder and macarons, but be careful not to overfeed or the squid will attack! How he is cared for will determine the form Grogu takes.
  • MINI GAMES | With the Star Wars Grogu Tamagotchi you can play fun mini games to raise the happiness level of your Baby Yoda virtual pet. 2 games are available immediately but the others you must unlock depending on Grogu's form. Throughout the day, other Star Wars characters will also make an appearance.
  • COLLECTABLE FUN | These Bandai Star Wars electronic pets come with a keychain attachment so you can take them wherever you go, they make fantastic Baby Yoda gifts for The Mandalorian fan in your life. With many more Tamagotchi's in the range, why not see how many you can collect?  
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