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Ubisoft Six Collection Chibis: Series 6 (Maverick)

by Ubisoft
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“The Devil’s in the details… that’s where you’ll find me.”
The time has come to recruit new operators for your team! Let’s welcome Maverick. His breaching blowtorch will open you new path.
Maverick is part of Series 6 of the Six Collection Chibi, along with Mira, Lesion and Zofia.
Each figurine comes with a unique code that unlocks an exclusive in-game charm in Rainbow Six Siege®.

Bostonian Erik Thorn came from a multilingual home and ranked in the top 2% in intelligence. After high school, he enlisted with the U.S. Army and rose in rank over a short period. He learned Dari and became an Intelligence Officer, serving in Kabul. Thorn was well known in the underground club circuit, and even among locals as a proficient Buzkashi player.
After two years of silence, he re-emerged with enough intel to dismantle a major insurgency operation. There were still questions regarding his disappearance, but he was exonerated and his testimony sealed. His successful missions, along with his expertise, gained him the attention of Six.

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