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Who Says - Harry Potter Card Game

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How well do you know Harry potter. In this fast-paced game, you will soon find out. We’ve pulled together 300 quotes from your favourite cast of characters over 8 movies. Who said them, Think Twice. We sprinkled in a few fake quotes that sound real. Guess the episode for an optional challenge. What’s It About. Who Says, is a Quote-Trivia card game that challenges players to prove how well they know their favourite Harry Potter characters. How to Play Compete with your friends and family (or even play solo) to identify which of your favourite characters said the quote. Each player, team receives 8 cards 1 of each Character Card, 1 Professors Card, 1 Villains Card and 1 Fake Quote Card. Shuffle the quote deck and place the cards face down to form a draw pile. Choose a player to be the first Quote Reader and Time Keeper then begin read the quote out loud and you have 10 seconds to decide which Character said the quote or if it’s a Fake quote. Cast your vote by placing 1 Character Card face down. Each player, team who guessed correctly scores 1 point. Fakes and Episode Challenge Watch out for Fake Quotes that sound real, so think twice before answering. Guess the Episode name for an Optional Challenge and an extra point. What’s In the Box, Each Who Says. game contains 100 Quote Cards-3 quotes per card - for a total of 300 quotes, plus 28 Character Cards, and 4 Fake Quote Cards. Who Can Play, With its wide range of quotes, Who Says. engages casual fans to super fans so everyone can play.