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Wrebbit 3D Puzzle - Diagon Alley Collection - Ollivanders & Scribbulus (295pc) /Puzzle

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Journey into the magical world of Harry Potter and recreate part of the iconic Diagon Alley with this 295-piece 3D puzzle from Wrebbit 3D.
Part of the Diagon Alley collection – look out for other additions to create your very own Diagon Alley.

All new wizards will require a trip to the finest maker of wands, since 382 B.C, at Ollivander’s Wand shop. Don’t be put off by the huge choice of boxes in the upstairs window, the right wand will choose you! You will also need the finest writing implements, quills & parchment, and maybe some colour change ink, to lift the spirits, which only Scribbulus can provide!

The finished 295-piece puzzle measures 22.3 x 12.7 x 26.0 cm.