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Yu-Gi-Oh - 3.75" Figure Set (Red-Eyes Black Dragon & Harpie Lady)

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Get your duel on. The incredibly successful Yu-Gi-Oh brand is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a new collection launching worldwide. Expanding on its success in the trading card and anime category, Yu-Gi-Oh are proud to introduce a collection of beautifully sculpted figures for fans of all ages to collect. Yu-Gi-Oh 3.75 Inch figures are highly detailed and articulated. A rare and exclusive card is also included in each pack. Each card is unique to the character. Set includes 3.75 Inch Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Harpie Lady. Red-Eyes Black Dragon,In the Yu-Gi-Oh manga and anime, "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" became one of the signature cards of Joey Wheeler after he won it from Rex Raptor in Duelist Kingdom. Harpie Lady, Harpie Lady, this human-shaped animal with wings is beautiful to watch but deadly in battle.

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