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Messi Training System Pop-Up Goal - 2.5ft

by Flair
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Train just like your football hero Lionel Messi with this fantastic Messi pop-up goal with carry case! You can practice your shooting accuracy, master your shooting skills to become the next football star! Play by yourself or practice with a group of friends. The Messi goal pops up to be 78cm wide by 52.5cm tall and 52cm deep. Suitable for ages 4 and above. Contents: 1x Messi Pop-Up Goal, 1 Carry Case. Play Like Messi Train like your Idol . Maintain a low center of gravity, keeping your head over the ball and staying as low to the ground as possible to enable you to change direction quicker. The more you practice the more your skills will improve.  Maintain your awareness whilst dribbling - practice being in control of the ball with your feet instead of your eyes. Foot Control - keep the ball close to your feet, aiming to make as many touches as possible allowing less opportunity for an opponent to steal the ball away. What do children learn from playing football... Practicing key football skills, enhances concentration and analytical skills. Develop physical fitness, strength and coordination.  Promotes healthy sense of competition and motivation to achieve.  Playing in a team teaches essential social skills like sportsmanship, team spirit and cooperation.
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